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Naughty Dog’s Big Announcements at PS4 All Access

With minutes away from the Playstation 4 launch, it is no surprise that Naughty Dog is coming into Sony's new console with a bang. However, they had to show off something for Playstation 3 owners, which is the first story-based DLC for The Last of Us.

This DLC for The Last of Us is called Left Behind and stars Ellie. Another girl joins her in the teaser trailer below as they find a carousel, but who knows what else lies ahead for the two.

But that is not the only Naughty Dog had to show at Spike's PS4 All Access event. Another teaser trailer rolled for the Playstation 4 and it turns out to be a new Uncharted game. While it is quick to assume that this new one is Uncharted 4, I'll wait till Naughty Dog reveals more since we don't hear Nathan Drake's signature voice and perhaps we will play as a new main character. The trailer is available below to watch.

Excited for what's next for Naughty Dog on both the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4? Let us know in the comments below.


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