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NBC To Turn Problem Child into a TV Series

"NBC is adopting Satan!"
From film to animation and now TV series, NBC is adapting the 1990’s movie Problem Child. Scot Armstrong, writer of Old School and Hangover Part II, will be the writer for the adaptation. Along with Armstrong, Rachel Kaplan and Peter Traugott will be producing. The 90’s film starred John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck (Robin Hood: Men in Tights). Ben (Ritter) and his wife FLo (Yasbeck) adopt Junior (Michael Oliver), unknowing to them that Junior has been adopted and returned on many occasions. Upon bringing the little angel face home, the little devil begins to cause chaos. Ultimately, he earns the affection of his adopted father Ben. problem-child-03 Although, the only thing that is clear is the series will be a comedy. The pilot, cast or whether the show will be a prequel or sequel is undetermined. But if the show is an adaptation of the movie, then one thing is crystal clear an unexpected couple will have their lives turned upside down by a little boy in a bow tie.


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