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Netflix Renews Sense8

Netflix has been having a successful year with many new releases and an impressive amount of Emmy nominations. Even its lesser known shows, like Sense8, are starting to get more recognition. Sense8 debuted in early June, to mixed critical reviews and viewer responses. This sci-fi thriller, about 8 people from around the world who find themselves mentally linked and they must find a way to survive being hunted, has been gradually gaining popularity and on Saturday, Netflix announced that it will be getting a second season with a Twitter video from the cast.


Sense8 has been recognized for a having such a diverse cast of characters in terms of race, nationality, and sexual orientation. If you want to see what we thought of the first season of Sense8 you can check that out here. The first season was disappointing, but there's hope that the second season will provide a more engaging and captivating experience. We will have to wait until next summer to find out what the Wachowskis' have in store for the next chapter. The first season of Sense8 is now on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. Let us know if you think the series earned a second season in the comments below.


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