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New ‘Alien’ film to be directed by Neill Blomkamp

Fans of the award-winning sleeper hit film District 9 have no doubt kept a close watch on the career of screenwriter/director Neill Blomkamp. His name alone warrants a notice of anything he touches; from films like Elysium  and the upcoming Chappie and it certainly seems that Blomkamp has established his own unique touch. Variety reports now that Blomkamp will bring this touch to the Alien franchise, which began back in 1979 and was directed by Ridley Scott, who will be a producer on the project. alien Not very much is known about the project yet except that it will take place many years after the film Prometheus, which is the prequel to the original Alien, though the two films are not directly connected. The film may or may not feature Alien veteran, Sigourney Weaver. No release date is set for the film yet, but the new Alien will undoubtedly be the next film Blomkamp tackles following Chappie, which will hit theaters March 6, 2015.


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