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New Character Announcements in Fighting Games for 3/2

"Two heavily requested characters plus a new take on another for today's announcements"
Turns out today was the perfect time for "all" the fighting games to announce new characters. Well more like three actually for two upcoming games and one that has been out for a while. Let's all run them down in one piece below. First up is one of the older DC characters making his fighting game debut in Injustice 2. Dr. Fate is probably someone who don't hear about when talking about DC Comics. He has mythical powers that has tons of projectile options, but also can mix things up at close range as well. Personally he is one of the more exciting characters I seen for the game so far. There's still lots of returning characters and newcomers Netherrealm has to announce in the coming weeks. Currently out of the new cast, I'm excited to play as Dr. Fate, Swamp Thing & Robin. Over on Tekken 7, we finally got official confirmation of Eddy Gordo's return. He was announced by Bandai Namco at a Brazilian event a couple weekends ago, but nothing official till today. Since Tekken 3, it wouldn't be a Tekken game without a Capoeira character doing work. Either Eddy or Christie have been mainstays and it would of been strange to see a entry without them. Sure the days of cheesing out characters as Eddy in Tekken 3 are long gone, but he is still a formidable force in the right hands. Now when's Lei or Julia Bandai Namco? Last but not at least, Iron Galaxy announced Shin Hisako for Killer Instinct. She is a remixed take on Season 2 newcomer Hisako with a samurai sword. Gameplay of her will be shown at the KI Cup tournament next weekend. She will be released later this month on both Xbox One and PC. So which of these new character announcements have you excited the most? Pick one of the above on the comments below.


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