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New Faces Joining Gotham and Once Upon a Time

"More villains coming your way."
Cruella, Cruella De Vil! Could another of Disney’s iconic villains be taking part in ABC’s Once Upon a Time? TV Line seems to believe it will be Cruella De Vil and playing her role is Victoria Smurfit. gotham-once-upon-a-time-02 Smurfit was known for playing Lady Jayne Wetherby in NBC’s Dracula, which was cancelled after one season. According to Entertainment Weekly, her role is being kept a secret but will be teased during the winter finale. As mentioned before her role is being hushed but if she is playing Cruella, like TV Line predicts, then she certainly has the face for it. Not to mention her part in the show has to be a malevolence one. I mean how nice can someone be with the word cruel and evil written in the name, just saying. Once Upon a Time is on Sunday night 8/7c. In other news, Gotham City will be plagued by yet another bad guy. Fox’s Gotham is also welcoming an iconic villain. In this case the character is revealed but the actor behind it is not. Joining the family of Gotham is Scarecrow. gotham-once-upon-a-time-03 Zap2it reports that Danny Cannon, executive producer, has revealed that they are already working on introducing Scarecrow. He will be a child in the show who will be inheriting the Scarecrow label from his father. It would be appealing to see young Bruce Wayne bump heads with the young Scarecrow. Of course, an actor hasn't been announced yet so who knows if they will ever meet as children. Gotham airs Monday at 8/7c on Fox.


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