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New Mass Effect 3 DLC and Update Out This Week

It's a big week for Mass Effect 3 fans as new multiplayer DLC and a patch will be released this week for all the game's platforms. The free multiplayer Rebellion Pack will be available today and it will offer players two new maps, three new weapons, and a few new character classes to spice up the gameplay. Vorcha and Ex-Cerebrus classes make their debut, as well as male Quarian classes. Similar to the Resurgence Pack DLC that was released last month, these new goodies are not unlocked right away as you have to get them by buying item packs while playing multiplayer. BioWare has been good at keeping players busy with the multiplayer by the weekend challenges and a steady flow of DLC even though PS3 players have been getting the shaft in terms of the challenges in the past.

Aside from the new DLC, a big update is out today on PC and Thursday for consoles that fixes numerous bugs and issues. If you want to see what specifically was fixed, check out the BioWare social forums. There were hints that BioWare was going to show off a taste of the Extended Cut DLC, which will clarify things for those that did not like Mass Effect 3's ending, at E3, but the developer denied those rumors even though that is still slated for a summer release. As we still wait for the extended ending, there is some new multiplayer goodness for players to mess around with today's free Rebellion Pack DLC.


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