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New Matt Fraction book – Sex Criminals

I am a pretty big fan of Matt Fraction.  He has a really strange sense of humor that really jives with mine.  I really dig his work on The Defenders over at Marvel.  So where I would normally turn away from a comic called Sex Criminals, I am intrigued.  The premise is certainly interesting - a young couple that goes on a crime spree and that seems to stop time whenever they have sex.  Being able to stop time would certainly help on a crime spree and what better way to stop time than the most enjoyable of acts?

From Matt Fraction:

"Not to toot our own horns, but there's never been a comic book like Sex Criminals before.  There've been comedy books with sex, or sex comics with comedic moments, but no book with 'sex comedy' as its narrative thrust. Hard to imagine, but comedy and sex, which fit together so naturally literally everywhere else in the entertainment world, don't get done in comic books. Chip and I are thrilled to be the first ones in there to plant our seed.”

I don’t really know much about the artist, Chip Zdarsky, but he also seems to be a pretty funny guy from this quote:

"This project brings together my two loves: crime and an in-depth exploration of the Western banking system and its ill-effects on society. I've spent years working for newspapers and magazines and am looking forward to completing my 'dying industry trifecta' and give comic books my all while holding back the tears.”

The only bad thing about the news is that we’re only told that it comes out in 2013.  That could be anywhere from 4 months to a year from now.  And I don’t want to wait that long for another Fraction book.  But, to finish on a happy note, it's on Image Comics so there's less censorhip than at the Big Two.


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