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New Need for Speed Teaser Trailer

"Still no subtitle yet, but a glimpse of the new Need for Speed"
EA has teased the return of Need for Speed for the entire week that started off with an image that gave fans hope that it is a new Underground game. The teaser trailer is now out and you can watch it below.

There is still no subtitle yet, but EA did say that this is a reboot for the franchise and Underground is a possibility when the longer reveal is out on June 15th, which is E3 week. From the teaser already, we have seen customized cars reminiscent of the Underground games and cops chasing them, so we might also see elements from Most Wanted and Rivals. This new open world racer will have deep car customization and a storyline as well.
The new Need for Speed comes out this fall for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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