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New Overwatch Hero Ana Revealed

"The rumored support sniper arrives in Overwatch soon"
Blizzard finally released competitive mode for Overwatch earlier this month, but that's not all they got this month. Rumored for a while, we got official confirmation of a new support sniper joining the fold soon. Her name is Ana and the gameplay trailer showcasing her playstyle is available to watch below. Ana's biotic rifle snipes enemies and also heal teammates with darts. She can also throw biotic grenades to heal teammates and damage foes. The grenade's radius also improves healing for allies and also disrupt enemy healing. Her sleep dart is reminiscent of McCree's flashbang making foes sleep for a limited time. Lastly, her ultimate called Nano Boost lets her fire a dart at an ally to increase his or her's damage, defense and mobility. I do like playing support whenever a team needs one, so Ana on paper sounds like a worthy addition. Hopefully my sniper skills are on point though. ow_ana_3p_003.0 Also up below is Ana's origins trailer. She is Pharah's mother and a founding member of Overwatch. An encounter with rival sniper Widowmaker resulted in her losing her right eye. Despite previous doubts, Ana returns to battle to protect her family and friends safe. Blizzard has also mentioned a big change in competitive mode today. Those worried about teams having two or more of the same hero can worry no more. They are limiting hero usage to once per team now, so yay for no six Torbjorns running shop at certain maps. Blizzard didn't mention when Ana will be available to play on all platforms for free. With the footage out now, my guess is just a couple weeks away. Will she throw a wrench into the game's meta or only be dominant in certain modes and maps? Time will tell, but hopefully we'll find out sooner than later.


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