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New Street Fighter V Gameplay from Capcom Cup 2014

"Extended trailer teases the return of a fan favorite"
Fresh off the official announcement at last weekend's Playstation Experience, Capcom had more to show to their fans regarding Street Fighter V at this year's Capcom Cup in San Francisco. Sixteen of the best Ultra Street Fighter IV players competed for cash prizes and the title of Capcom Cup champion after months of Capcom Pro Tour qualifying events. After the tournament is over, Yoshinori Ono showed off an extended version of last weekend's trailer of new gameplay for Street Fighter V.

The end of the trailer has indeed teased the return of a fan favorite from previous games, Charlie. Many are wondering how is he back? We'll see in future announcements what his role will be in the storyline. A live demo of the game also happened featuring the two characters already revealed in previous trailers, which were Ryu and Chun-Li. That footage can be seen below.

The build is definitely early considering the game was announced last week, but it is definitely functional showcasing the systems. There is still lots to speculate in terms of the gameplay from the various meters, Ryu only having two EX meters compared to Chun-Li having three, the elemental system and more. Plus, you gotta love lasting effects on characters mid-match especially Chun-Li with a noodle bowl on top of her head.
Capcom also announced that the Capcom Pro Tour and Capcom Cup will be returning next year. Thanks to Sony however, the prize payouts have increased tenfold with now over $500,000 on the line. That is definitely a big step up and nice to see the Sony/Capcom partnership is working out beyond the game's console exclusivity.
Street Fighter V is currently slated to be released sometime in 2016 for the Playstation 4 and PC as the game is already available for pre-order on Amazon and GameStop.


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