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New Tekken 7 Trailers Show Off New Stages, Lucky Chloe

"Lots of backlash over the newest Tekken 7 character too"
Namco Bandai hosted a 20th anniversary event for the Tekken franchise last weekend that also included an exhibition tournament for Tekken 7 featuring eight of the best Tekken players. The event was also the big reveal of the newest Tekken 7 character, Lucky Chloe. The official Tekken channel finally released new trailers showcasing her and some of the new stages, which you can see below.

The past couple of days since the reveal have been controversial for Tekken fans as Lucky Chloe received lots of hate to the point Katsuhiro Harada announced she won't be coming to US versions of Tekken 7 while Asian and European fans will still have her playable. For those haven't seen her yet, Lucky Chloe looks like a girl dressed as a cat similar to what you see in a Japanese anime or someone cosplaying. Leave it to American fans to start the backlash and make Harada come up with the decision to not include her for that audience. Personally, I don't see the problem with her inclusion to the Tekken universe as she's not some key character to the core storyline. I also can't recall a fighting game character in recent times ever receiving so much backlash that make him or her removed from the game completely.
Tekken 7 is currently slated to released at arcades sometime in spring 2015 with no release window yet for the console/PC versions.


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