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New Trailer Released for Media Molecule’s Tearaway

A new trailer has emerged today for the up and coming PlayStation Vita title, Tearaway.

Set in the city known as Sogport, this latest footage gives viewers a first look at the title's other playable character Atoi, the alternate female version of our male envelope headed hero, Iota.

The game, which is set in a world made entirely of paper including the enemies, centers around the above beings, as they attempt to deliver a message. The message they are delivering however is to you.

A release date for Tearaway, which is being developed by Little Big Planet’s Media Molecule, has been scheduled for later this year, yet that is all that has been revealed so far. As for a PlayStation 3 release, nothing has been mentioned but with a new console surely on the way, perhaps MM’s latest title will make it on to the PS4 instead.

After watching this new trailer, there is no denying that Tearaway looks amazing and the unique concept of the game sounds very intriguing. However, will this game have Vita owners diving into their pockets? Most probably, but does it have the power to influence gamers to buy a Vita, if they don’t already have one? This writer is certainly considering it as Tearaway really does look too good to miss.


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