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New Trailer for Titanfall’s Expedition DLC Released

It was announced last month at PAX East, but now we have gameplay footage for Titanfall's first map pack DLC, Expedition. The trailer featuring three new maps: Swampland, Runoff, and War Games, is available to watch below.

Swampland is a forest-like map with lots of tall trees for pilots to be more mobile to go from one point to another. Runoff takes place in a urban-like environment with multiple routes above and below the ground for both pilots and titans. Lastly, War Games is in the training room players have seen in the tutorial, but more fleshed out as a big map.
Titanfall's Expedition DLC costs $9.99 on all the platforms, but the season pass is still $24.99 if you're also going to get that and more DLC for a discount. The new maps are out on Xbox One and PC later this month even though GameStop did have a listing for it to be released this Thursday, the 15th. For those only playing the Xbox 360 version, you guys have to wait a month later for the Expedition maps to be released.
Are these maps enough to come back to Titanfall for those that have been taking a break from it? Let us know in the comments below.


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