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New Uncharted 3 DLC Dated and Detailed

Coming on March 13th Uncharted 3 will receive a sizable dlc update.

The new content includes a modified co-op mode called Shade Survival in which up to 4 players must fight waves of Djinn; the demonic possessed soldiers from the final chapters of Uncharted 3s campaign.  Safe to say Naughtydog isn’t worried about spoilers with this dlc.  Along with several new arena maps to play all co-op modes on, Marked-Man; a mode that was exclusive to verses has now been added as a random objective in Shade Survival.  A much tougher Djinn is marked as the primary objective and he is protected by numerous allies.   The more waves’ players complete of the new mode the better as the XP earned from doing so is substantially higher than in the past standard modes, possibly implying the difficulty of this new one being much higher.   Uncharted 3 owners who bought the games season pass, ala being members of the Fortune Hunters Club will receive the new content automatically and at no extra cost.


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