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New Year’s Resolutions for Gaming in 2014

Even though we are already about halfway into the first month of 2014, Entertainment Fuse still has some new year’s resolutions in mind for not just gaming this year, but also the industry itself as well. 2014 is indeed a big year in the world of video games with things changing faster as expected. One of the big questions is how will be the first full year of Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One pan out for existing and new owners? Here is some of our staff’s resolutions for 2014 regarding the world of video games for themselves and for the industry.

Edward Oliveira

For this new year, I’m hoping to see a game that proves the next generation, whether PS4/Xbox One or Wii U alike. While games like Titanfall, Metal Gear Solid V and Destiny look and play great on the new hardware, they not only could play on the 360 or PS3 – they actually have a 360 and/or PS3 SKU. And when it comes to the exclusives like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze or Infamous Second Son, they could have been easily demade on Nintendo and Sony’s last system without any issue to the overall gameplay, it’s just that they are focusing on their new hardware for their future projects (as they should).

The problem is that I’m still not convinced that these three systems have what it takes to broaden gaming more than what we have seen on Wii/360/PS3. Other than looking prettier, there is very little that these new systems can do that not only the 360 or PS3 could do, but also all the other devices around us could do. We now have tablets stronger than the Xbox 360, and if they could technically support anything gaming related, what’s to stop Activision from releasing Destiny on that too?

The only system that has really proven its next-gen self is the Nintendo 3DS, and that’s mainly because of StreetPass (other than its awesome library). What’s cooler than to gain extra gameplay on most of your library than to just carry your system around? It’s consistently made me turn on games like Fire Emblem Awakening, Animal Crossing New Leaf or the built-in StreetPass Plaza because by doing next-to-nothing, I got hours of new gameplay with it.

Paul Lawford

My new year’s resolutions for gaming in 2014 is to take a step back and try to relive some of those nostalgic moments. I'm so caught up with the new games that I often forget some of the games that shaped my gaming life and wish to revisit some classic titles like the original Metal Gear Solid, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and jump back onto the GameCube, Dreamcast, SNES, PS1, and all the other consoles I have at home and do some lets play videos for YouTube. My passion for gaming is as strong as ever so I'm going to keep up the weekly videos on my YouTube and will include some let’s plays of the classic titles. I'm really looking forward to revisiting my childhood and can't wait to feel the same emotions that I did back then. Nostalgia can be the best and worst thing in the world and I'm hoping these games bring up my emotions and reminds me of a better time.

Patrick Cowles

A steady stream of games have entered the Steam store as the result of Greenlight over 2013; Valve's latest system for vetting games and software submitted for distribution through the computer gaming platform. We've even covered a few of the larger releases over the past year. Little did I realize until covering one of those releases myself; there is a phenomenal pool of potential not only for video game developers but also customers by utilizing this vetting method. Since the Steam community partakes in the vetting process by voting for the games and software developers submit to Valve, the Steam team plays far less of the gatekeeper role and allows the community by proxy to bring the games and software they want to the forefront of digital distribution. It is wonderful not just because we the gamers take an active role in vetting what is distributed, but more to the point our direct actions bring about the games we want to play or software we are interested in using for our own creations rather than relying on the intuition and decisions of Valve.

As my New Year's gaming resolution, I'll more actively engage in bringing the games and software I want or see great potential in to the fingertips of Steam users the world over by participating in Greenlight.

Matt Rowles

My new year’s gaming resolution for 2014 is that I hope to have a reason to commit to next gen gaming. Let me explain. From what I've heard and seen so far the new consoles seem great. The hardware and new controllers look fantastic and the UI, PS4 in particular, looks very nice. But for me personally I'm all about the games and right now there just isn't enough out right now that I want to play that warrants buying new hardware for. So many releases coming soon that I want to play are still releasing on the current consoles I own. South Park: The Stick of Truth, The Walking Dead Season 2, The Wolf Among Us, and upcoming DLC for some of the biggest games of last year including The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite, and Grand Theft Auto V are all releasing this year.

Of course the games will come eventually as they always do, but I really hope that this year we get some announcements that will really make me commit to the next generation. I cannot wait to see what a next-gen Hitman game looks like and the teased Uncharted game are the two most likely reasons for me to own a new console right now. Then there is a bunch of developers that could be already working on new projects such as Rockstar Games (Bully 2 or Red Dead 3), Irrational’s next project and Bethesda surely going to officially unveil Fallout 4 any day now.

I want that one game that will make me want to throw away my old console and only use the new toys just like Gears of War did previously. I'm sure by the end of 2014 the releases for PS3/X360 will have all but dried up and there will be so many new exciting titles announced/released for PS4/Xbox One that I will be forced into the next generation with open arms.


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