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Zombie Shows Coming to Syfy

"Zombies are biting their way to Syfy. "
The zombie virus is growing and has infected Syfy. Zombies are biting their way to ultimate popularity and Syfy has jumped onto that bandwagon. While at first it showed movies, such as House of the Dead 2 and Zombie Apocalypse, now it’s moving towards shows. Not only will Z Nation make its appearance in Syfy, but Town of the Living Dead will also. Premiering this month is Z Nation. The show takes place three years after the zombie outbreak, which, as the trailer establishes, there isn’t a cure for. Yet, the survivors are racing to get to California to find a cure. The only surviving human to be bitten by a zombie could be the key to ending the infection. It seems like the show is a low-budget production, but that is common in Syfy’s previous zombie projects. Consequently, with The Walking Dead already a big hit, this show has found its way to the compare and contrast list. Although, it has been noted, that The Walking Dead is about rebuilding humanity with the exception of this coming season. Z Nation will center itself on finding a cure and still attempting to rebuild humanity. There does seem to be an overlap, but the show should still get the chance to stand or fall on its own two feet. The zombie drama will premiere September 12 and it will be a 13-episode season. On the other hand, as more of a behind-the-scenes zombie production is Town of the Living Dead. The unscripted show will focus on Jasper, Alabama in their quest to create a zombie movie. The small town has gone six years in an effort to make Thr33 Days Dead. The plot of the movie is based on a local urban legend and it follows a group of friends trying to survive the apocalypse. The docuseries will premiere October 7.


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