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Newcomer Kolin Joins Street Fighter V’s Season 2

"Out on February 28th along with balance changes slated for next month"
Capcom has revealed Kolin, the latest character to join Street Fighter V today. While technically not a newcomer in the series in terms of story, Kolin finally makes her gameplay debut on February 28th. From the Street Fighter III games, she is Gill's servant working in the shadows to get things done. She also played a pivotal role in Street Fighter V's cinematic story mode setting the stage for the games I just mentioned. The trailer showcasing her gameplay is below being accompanied by Lupe Fiasco's newest track "It's Not By Design" featuring Salim. From the trailer above, Kolin has a variety of tools at her disposal from counters, a double jump and potentially nasty setups. Her Inside Slash V-Skill is a get me off-type of counter that does damage unlike V-Reversals. The Diamond Dust V-Trigger prevents the opponent from recovering stun allowing Kolin to freeze more opponents more easily. That alone can lead to major damage sequences when done right. Besides Story and Battle costumes, Kolin also gets a nostalgia costume like Akuma, which is her Street Fighter III outfit. That's not all for Street Fighter V news today. Capcom is planning a bi-monthly release schedule for the rest of the Season 2 characters. In other words, the next character will be revealed sometime in April. Months with no characters will have announcements regarding other additional content. Balance changes are also in the works before this year's Capcom Pro Tour starts off. This is big for the tournament players because many are not happy with the changes that came out in December. Urien, Laura and Balrog have been running shop against the rest of the cast the past couple months. We'll see how Capcom handles the nerf hammer next month. Kolin_Screen_2 Kolin is available to try out at Lupe Fiasco's DROGAS Light launch party next week at the Foundry in San Francisco. Capcom themselves are hosting it with exhibition matches planned for you tournament fans. If you can't make it to the event, Capcom Fighters will be streaming the event on their Twitch channel. I'm also expecting a Kolin demonstration from the Capcom guys if you're itching to see more. In the meantime, hopefully she can shake up the tier lists a bit that Akuma couldn't.


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