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Newcomer Laura Officially Revealed for Street Fighter V

"For real this time!"
Despite Famitsu leaking screenshots last week and the Playstation YouTube channel jumping the gun yesterday, Capcom finally showed off the latest newcomer, Laura, for Street Fighter V at Brazil Games Show today. The trailer is available to watch below even though fans likely saw it yesterday before it was taken down.

Laura uses the Matsuda Jiu-Jutsu fighting style to overwhelm opponents with her slow moving projectile that can be used for nasty setups or mixups and a variety of command grabs. Her V-Skill allows to move forward and backward effortlessly as well as an overhead kick if no direction was pushed at the same time as the button presses. Her electrical V-Trigger gives her projectile to go further, more stun on attacks and grabs as well as increased distance on her V-Skill.
Laura is playable at SoCal Regionals & likely New York Comic-Con this weekend besides the Brazil Games Show, but despite the leaks making this reveal more of an afterthought, she is shaping up to be another fun character to the cast that is almost completely revealed.
Street Fighter V's 2nd beta begins on October 22nd with Ken, Necalli, R. Mika, Vega, Rashid and Karin playable for both Playstation 4 and PC.


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