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Newcomer Rashid Joins Street Fighter V Roster

"The second one for Capcom's highly anticipated sequel"
At Dubai's Games 15 event last weekend, Capcom announced another character to join the Street Fighter V roster. This time it's their second newcomer Rashid from the Middle East. The reveal trailer for him is available to watch below.

Other than having that Aladdin with a Dragon Ball Z scouter look, Rashid has his powers of the wind along with mobile tools to defeat opponents. His V-Skill is where can flip or roll towards an opponent to close the gap if they are fighting from far away or throwing projectiles. His V-Trigger gives him a whirlwind projectile at opponents that can be also used for his own benefit for mobility purposes. Combining that with his V-Skill options and air special moves make Rashid a dangerous threat with tons of mixups (almost similar to Nash in a way despite his recent changes in newer builds).
The next likely time a new character reveal would happen for Street Fighter V is at Tokyo Game Show later this week as it starts this Thursday or even earlier at SCEJA's (Sony) press conference tonight for US audiences. That would be too soon for another one, but you never know with Capcom. For those in California, the game will also be playable at TwitchCon later this month and Level Up's SoCal Regionals tournament, also a Capcom Pro Tour premier event for Ultra Street Fighter IV, from October 9th-11th.
So who's next to be announced for Street Fighter V? Another familiar face or a newcomer? Let us know in the comments below.


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