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Nintendo TVii Comes Out Tomorrow

According to Nintendo's own Wii U Facebook page, they announced the TVii services for the new console will be launched tomorrow. Despite not making the initial launch, Nintendo TVii won't be launching with everything as promised. Netflix and TiVo integration are still ways off, but planned to be included sometime in early 2013. Netflix subscribers, however, can still use the official app for their services.

The services that will be making the TVii's launch are Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus, which also have official apps as well. The difference having Nintendo TVii around for those two is the integration provided with TV shows. Along with those two services are support for various cable and satellite providers.

We will have hands-on impressions of Nintendo TVii in the coming days on Entertainment Fuse. Let's hope the update for this is not as long as the initial system update for the Wii U.


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