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No Cross Platform Play for CS: Global Offensive

While it was initially touted as a defining feature of the new Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Valve has stated the cross platform play between PS3 and PC gamers will not be available.

In an interview with Joystiq Chet Faliszek said the reason for the removal was in order to keep the PC version as up to date as possible and not being able to do so would be hamstringing both versions of the game.  It is quite common knowledge among savvy gamers that getting a game simply patched on a console requires a still unusually long drawn out process compared to that of PCs where a developer can essentially post an update no questions asked whenever they want.  Given how intensely Valve supports its games post launch it makes sense for them to opt to be able to do this.  It is a shame as mixing the communities would likely benefit the overall user base but with CS remaining a huge deal on PC and still fairly new and unheard of to console-only gamers theirs probably not going to be any substantial loss from the feature removal within either communities in the long run.


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