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‘Noah’ Finds Sons in Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth

Yesterday, we learned that Ridley Scott wants to make a film about the biblical figure Moses, but don't forget that progress has been made in casting for Noah, Academy Award-nominated director Darren Aronofsky’s passion project that predictably centers on the ark builder of the same name.

Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth, two young actors who are ready to take over Hollywood, will star in the Bible-based epic, playing Noah’s middle and youngest sons Ham and Shem, respectively. 

Lerman’s claim to fame is the “Percy Jackson” franchise, but he goes for indie credibility later this year in The Perks of Being a Wallflower alongside Emma Watson and Ezra Miller. Although not a big name yet, Booth starred with Gillian Anderson in a televised adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations and leads an upcoming take on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet alongside Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld.

Deadline Hollywood reminds us about key roles that still don’t have actors attached to them. Russell Crowe will play the title role, but Noah’s wife Naameh, the couple’s oldest son Japheth and Japheth's love interest haven’t been cast. Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan was mentioned for an unspecified supporting role in the film back in April, so she might be eying that last role with Disney's Order of the Seven no longer on her plate. On a similar note, the industry is still buzzing that Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly will play Naameh. No actor’s been mentioned as a possibility for Japheth just yet.

Academy Award nominee Liam Neeson, who was once mentioned as possibly starring in Noah as a sort of nemesis to our hero, won’t be in the film after all. With Aronofsky aiming to shoot next month, expect these roles to get filled soon.

Noah is currently slated to hit theaters on March 28, 2014.


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