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The Original Green Power Ranger is putting on the Suit Again

"Go Go Power Rangers... Wait, its only the original Green Ranger? "
90’s kids are most likely jumping in excitement. Probably jumping from inside, since they are all adults. Jason David Frank will again play Tommy Oliver. For many kids growing up in the 90’s, including myself, he is the original Green Ranger.  He has somewhat continued to put on the suit for everything from Power Rangers: Zeo to Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. Tommy won’t be alone and as much as I wish it was the original Power Rangers, it’s not. Veteran rangers from previous chapters will walk side by side in the upcoming episode of Power Rangers: Super Megaforce. Check out the trailer to see if you can catch any of your favorite Rangers. The episode will air on Nickelodeon Saturday November 22 at 12 p.m.


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