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Pac-Man and Mega Man join Street Fighter X Tekken

The exclusive characters being announced for Capcom’s upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken on PlayStation 3 just keep coming.

Joining already revealed characters Toro, Kuro and Cole MacGrath on the ps3-only roster are MegaMan and Pac-Man.   MegaMan in particular is an interesting choice as he isn’t the same famous boy robot we’re all well aware of but a version of the character that is very reminiscent of the original games infamous US box-art that famously had MegaMan envisioned as absolutely nothing like what he appears as in the game.   PacMan as well appears much more like his box-art incarnations as opposed to his much simpler in game appearance.   I think the decision to include these two is fantastic so it is a real shame 360 owners won’t get a chance to check them out.  It makes perfect sense why Cole wouldn’t be in the 360 version but this now makes five characters only the ps3 version of the game will have with 360 gamers getting nothing.  But then again if you're very serious about your fighting games you probably own a PlayStation 3.

Street Fighter X Tekken is slated for release on March 6th on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 


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