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Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Announced

"A Pac-Man game is another GOTY contender again?"
Pac-Man Championship Edition and it's DX sequel are one of the greatest games in the past decade. The twist on the classic formula on the modern era was well welcomed and addicting at the same time. Pac-Man eating away a long ghost train on DX remains so satisfying today. After taking the 256 route on mobile and recently consoles, Bandai Namco are finally going back to the Championship Edition series with a full fledged sequel. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2's biggest game changer is the ability to bump the ghosts. Yo you can bump the ghosts now! Boss battles against giant ghosts happen during the course of the action and that's crazy too. More new mazes and modes are in this package as well. No pricing announced yet for this Pac-Man sequel, but the game is coming out on September for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. This announcement makes me want to play CE DX again and fortunately it's available on Xbox One via backwards compability.


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