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Paul Walker’s Death Delays Fast and Furious 7

With filming only halfway done on the latest installment of theĀ Fast and FuriousĀ franchise, the film is going to hit a major delay and is looking into what moves to take next, considering that one of its main stars, Paul Walker, passed away on Saturday afternoon. The Hollywood Reporter is stating that filming was supposed to pick back up again this past Sunday in Atlanta, after the cast and crew were off for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Fast and Furious

Director James Wan (The Conjuring) held a conference call with Universal execs, in order to talk about the current state of the film, to see if rewrites were at all necessary and how to go about in proceeding with the film, in order to pay tribute and homage to one of its largest contributors. Only time will tell now, if Universal shall try to make the July 11th, 2014 release date or push it back later into the year.


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