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Persona 5’s US Release Date Announced

"Five months after the Japanese version"
Persona fans were hoping that Persona 5's stateside release date won't be as long after the Japanese version, which is September 15th. Turns out they have to wait five months. Persona 5 now comes out on Valentine's Day 2017, February 14th, for Playstation 4 and Playstation 3. persona-5-09-19-15-2 Atlus also announced the steelbook and limited editions for US Persona fans. The PS4 version is only getting both however. The self-explanatory steelbook edition costs $59.99, but the "Take Your Heart" premium edition costs $89.99 and likely going to sell out fast. That edition comes with a Morgana plush, soundtrack, art book, school bag, the steelbook that the other edition is getting and a collectible box to package everything. Expect to see more of Persona 5 at E3 next week in the Atlus/Sega booth and hopefully Sony's press conference as well.


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