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Picture This: ‘Expendables 2’ Character Posters and CinemaCon Teases

Open your eyes wide and set those peepers on Picture This, Player Affinity’s new weekly rendezvous for all the newest set photos, promotion images, posters and more! In our inaugural round, we have a slew of said promotional images from the second-annual CinemaCon, a reveal at what inspired Johnny Depp’s odd look in The Lone Ranger and brand new posters for horror flicks The Chernobyl Diaries and Area 407. But first, we have a few of the best character posters from upcoming action ensemble The Expendables 2. Here’s looking at you.

The Expendables 2 Character Posters

Marketing has been ramping up for Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming action spectacle, which adds legends Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris among others to the mix. Lionsgate has been ramping up marketing as of late, and just this week they released 12 spotlight posters and though offer nothing revolutionary they certainly ooze cool. Here are a few of the best ones.

Peaks from The Second Annual CinemaCon

Move aside, Comic Con, there’s a new convention in town. Founded in 2011 and hosted in Las Vegas, CinemaCon was conceived as a venue for North American theater owners to convene, and in a short time has become a hot spot for sneak peaks at upcoming releases. ComingSoon revealed eight teaser posters for some big upcoming releases, some of which are just coming people’s radar.

The most notable entries certainly come from the beautifully simplistic To Rome With Love from Woody Allen, the very ominous Sinister (starring Ethan Hawke) and for Seven Psychopaths from In Bruges director Martin McDonagh. The rest are fairly bland, but considering they are just intended to get word of mouth started, they serve their purpose.

A Look at Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger Costume Inspiration

Leave it to Johnny Depp to behold a famed painting, take an element, and suggest having his character sport said aspect on his head. Depp revealed to Entertainment Weekly that native painting I Am Crow was his inspiration and that "It’s his spirit guide in a way. It’s dead to others, but it’s not dead to him. It’s very much alive.” Ok, then.

The New Poster for The Chernobyl Diaries

Found footage, meet nuclear catastrophe. This poster for upcoming horror flick Chernobyl Diaries pretty much says it all with its imagery and tagline. Creepy abandoned city? Check. Nuclear symbol? Check. Paranormal Activity tie-in? Check. Heading to the theater? That one is up to you.

The First Poster for Area 407

Well the shaky images in the Area 407 trailer hinted at it, and the first poster pretty much confirms it: we got us some dinosaurs in this here found footage flick. Yes, another one.


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