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Pilot Season News: Syfy Returns to Science Fiction

After more than a year without a pilot order, Syfy has given a greenlight to its second pilot in less than a month. Deadline.com reports that the channel has purchased The Dover Agenda, a sci-fi action drama from Brett Conrad (Sons of Anarchy). The series is about "a young man who is recruited by a future version of himself to work for a secret branch of Military Intelligence specializing in parapsychology and future tech."

This occurs only a few weeks after Syfy picked up its first project of the pilot season, Rewind, a time travel thriller. The show is about a team made up of members of the military and civilian scientists who must travel back in time, using untested technology, to prevent a future devastating terrorist attack.

Both pilots will be 90-minute long and, after the relative success of Alphas last summer, are possibly signals from Syfy — which might as well be renamed PaNo (for ParaNormal) — of a return to the basics with more science fiction.


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