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PlayStation Plus Perks Revealed for April

One of the biggest questions that was always asked about the implementation of Sony’s paid service, PlayStation Plus, was whether or not the rewards that one could get for signing up would be worth the money (which is the same price as Xbox Live), seeing as the free service is relatively strong post break-in that happened last year.  PlayStation Plus members have reasons to look forward to this upcoming April though, as the rewards for April were recently announced on the PlayStation Blog, and they look to be pretty strong.

The offerings for the month of April largely come in the form of free games, and while some of the games are a bit stronger than others, there are some titles that look to be pretty strong.  On the 3rd of April, PS+ members will be able to get their hands on Shank 2 free of charge, which is pretty awesome considering the fact that the first game was quite strong, albeit a little short.  Another strong freebie that releases that day is Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed, which is pretty big, considering that it is only 5 days after the game releases retail, and it will be for free.  The last big title that will be released is a PSOne classic version of Silent Hill, which I think is a pretty enticing offer considering that the HD Remake will be released a few days before.  Do these perks seem like something that would make you consider signing up for PS+, or do the rewards not really seem worth what you would be paying for them?    


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