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Playstation Store Play 2015 Lineup Announced

"Sony's big summer block of indie games is back for another year and arguably the best one yet?"
Sony earlier today has announced their lineup for this year's Playstation Store Play. In the past, games such as Sound Shapes, Dyad and The Unfinished Swan were on these summer blocks. 2015 brings in arguably the best lineup yet with Journey, N++, Galak-Z and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

Journey's PS4 version starts things off next Tuesday for $14.99 ($11.99 for PS Plus members that pre-order). It's also a cross buy title with the PS3 version, so if you bought it when it first came out on PS3, it's free for PS4. The other three games will be $19.99 or $15.99 if you pre-order and have PS Plus. Buying at least two of the four games on this year's PS Play lineup gets you 10% off coupon on a future Playstation Store purchase.

N++, coming out on July 28th is the long awaited sequel from N+ that came out on Xbox Live Arcade and PC a few years ago with thousands of levels to play through and a level editor. Galak-Z is the highly anticipated game by 17-bit, the Skulls of the Shogun folks, that is finally coming out after numerous delays on August 4th. Lastly, there is Everybody's Gone to Rapture on August 11th by The Chinese Room, who previously made Dear Esther.
Any of the highly anticipated indie games gonna be worth the wait? Let us know in the comments below.


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