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PlayStation Vita Launches This Wednesday in United States and Europe

There have been multiple discourses about the future of handheld gaming and whether or not the future will come in the form of a traditional handheld produced by Nintendo or Sony, or whether the market has clearly taken a turn toward mobile gaming, which will make dedicated handhelds obsolete.  If you look at the sales numbers for the Nintendo 3DS, there is a clear indication that handheld gaming clearly is taking quite a beating from the mobile market, but Sony hopes to change this with the release of the PlayStation Vita, which drops this Wednesday in North America.

Although the Vita has already been out in Japan for a few months (it was released in mid December 2011), North Americans and Europeans alike will soon be able to have their first impressions of the system, and it’s surprisingly stacked launch title lineup.  Perhaps the most impressive game to drop at launch for the Vita is Uncharted: Golden Abyss, yet the reviews of it so far have been, let’s say, less than satisfactory.  Despite a possibly iffy launch lineup, Sony has previously stated that they hope to have the Vita be a 5-10 year product, and with such heavy hitters as Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule, and Geurilla getting behind the system, it certainly looks as if the Vita may be the system to overthrow the mobile market boom.    


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