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‘Pokemon Black & White 2’ Coming to US on October

Nintendo announced the final US release date for Pokemon Black & White 2 today, which is now October 7. The first direct sequel to a mainline Pokemon game has been already seen successful sales over in Japan and it is only going get better over here state-side, especially coming out in time for the holiday season. In this sequel, players will take the role of a new male or female character as they travel through the Unova region a number of years after the events of the original. Some of the landscape has been changed out of the gate, along with the wild Pokemon players will encounter throughout the game.

The sewuel will allow players catch Pokemon from older generations in Unova to add and collect, unlike the original. The storyline is also new with twists and turns, new gym leaders to fight, and other new features fans of the series will enjoy. The legendary Pokemon on the cover of these games is Kyurem, but it has two versions, cleverly black and white, depending on which version you play as he's a key part of the new storyline. Keep in mind that this still a regular DS release, but 3DS owners will have no problem picking this game up as well. It is also best to avoid YouTube and major Pokemon community-related Web sites for spoilers if you're waiting for the official English release unless you're playing an imported version now. US Pokemon fans get ready to catch' em all once again when Pokemon Black & White 2 comes out on October 7 for the Nintendo DS.


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