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Pokemon Go Finally Expands to 2nd Generation Later This Week

"80 Johto Pokemon, plus big gameplay changes coming too"
Just as I was concerned about how Pokemon Go will be doing after the Valentine's Day event, turns out Niantic has finally listened to the fans. This morning, they dropped the big news that Generation 2 Pokemon are coming out later this week to the game. Sure, the babies have been out for a couple months already, but we're finally gonna see Johto Pokemon in the wild minus the legendaries. The announcement trailer can be seen below. There's also big gameplay changes coming to Pokemon Go as well with the Gen 2 update. Wild Pokemon encounters will be a bit different with new reactions. New berries that slow down Pokemon or that give double candy will be implemented the game. The new types of Pokeballs that were introduced in Pokemon Gold/Silver are not in yet, but hopefully Niantic includes them sometime soon. At least evolution items that evolve specific Pokemon from the main games are already coming via Pokestops. Plus more avatar items and customization will be out with the new update. Niantic also mentioned that trading and PvP battles are still in the works recently. It's unknown how they will work if it's similar to the main games or not. With all that said, it's great to finally see the hype back again for Pokemon Go. I didn't think they'll push the Gen 2 switch on after this Valentine's Day event, but they did. Excited to dive back in to catch new Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below.  


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