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Pokemon Go Plus Delayed to September

"Accessory supporting the popular mobile game delayed to September"
Originally slated to be released this week, Nintendo announced they are delaying the Pokemon Go Plus to September. There's no reason why for the delay, but there was a lack of status reports concerning this accessory. The AR-focused Pokemon mobile game currently taking over the world just launched in Japan last week to expected success. Niantic and the Pokemon Company also announced team leaders for Valor, Mystic and Instinct last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. pokemon-go-plus Hopefully the real reason for the delay is to meet the demand of the millions of players currently trying to catch em all. Personally, I noticed retailers selling out of pre-orders already for a while. Perhaps Nintendo didn't want another amiibo situation with Pokemon Go Plus. In addition, no Android support was planned for the device's launch as it would only support iOS. Considering it launched stateside first on Android, a good chunk of people would miss out on taking advantage of Pokemon Go Plus's capabilities. For those unsure how Pokemon Go Plus works, it's supposed to lessen the usage of your smartphone when playing. Instead of having the game running at all times, the device notifies you of nearby wild Pokemon, gyms and Pokestops. For Pokestops, you'll automatically get the items associated with it instead of using your phone to swipe for them. 9ce34e6bc9cfa1a38d11ad9e9335078278b85124 The Pokemon Go craze has been running wild with the potential of getting more sponsors involved. For hardcore players, a handful already reached the level cap. Also, some were able to catch all 150 Pokemon. An update with trading and Gen 2 Pokemon to catch would be nice to accompany the Plus launch. However Niantic said they are focusing more on improving server stability before working on substantial updates. With the Plus delayed to September now, the big question is whether or not the craze will be still be going then.  


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