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Premiere Date for Breaking Bad Announced

Breaking Bad

Good news for fans of AMC’s hit drama Breaking Bad! The network has finally announced a premiere date for the second half of the final season. Fans can look forward to long-awaited new episodes on August 11. When we last saw Walter White (expertly played by Bryan Cranston), Breaking Bad’s protagonist, he was alternating between embracing his chosen role as a formidable meth dealer and reaffirming his dedication to protecting his family. Walt is now a cold-blooded murderer (he shot Mike, was indirectly responsible for the death of a child, and arranged the deaths of Gus’s former employees) whose wife detests him and whose kids were temporarily being cared for by his sister-in-law. Despite his promises to quit the business, Walt is in too deep to get out.

It’s hard to imagine what AMC is going to pack into the second half of the season, isn’t it? Well, go ahead and get excited, Breaking Bad fans. Set your DVRs for Sunday, August 11. The first of eight final episodes will air that day.


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