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Syracuse alumnus. I like sports, movies, and completing lists of three
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Straight Outta Compton Review

To properly assess this film, it is vital to point out that in order to give the NWA a fair bio-pic, it should be longer than 147 minutes, simply because of the important back stories and rivalries. The highly acclaimed film, and rap group, lived up to the expectations. For the most part, films that […]

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Rick and Morty “Total Rickall” Review

Rick and Morty has not even come close to a sophomore slump. Its second season has come out of the gate just as strong, if not stronger, than the end of the first season with brilliant writing, creative ideas, and a whole lot of shit talking. This Sunday’s fourth episode “Total Rickall” culminates the creativity […]

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Dark Places Review

Yet another film based on a Gillian Flynn novel, this time Dark Places, proves to be a much different attempt at a mystery than its predecessor Gone Girl. Similar to Gone Girl, Dark Places is told mainly through flashbacks with a protagonist that you cannot be too sure about, although this time it’s a murder involving multiple family members we […]

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Rick and Morty – A Rickle In Time Review

First and foremost, there are not enough people who watch – or even know about – Dan Harmon and Josh Roiland’s incredible and comedic take on science fiction. The particularly crude and sarcastic humor makes this series a favorite of the 18-40 year old demographic, however, because it’s a cartoon it does not get the […]

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American Heist Review

Throughout cinema’s history there have been certain genres that have, and always will, exist: comedy, horror, and the action/thriller. That being said, whenever we see a new take on certain tropes it is fresh, new, and creative. When we see the same thing over and over again, it becomes stale, trite, and cliche. Sarik Andreasyan’s action/crime […]

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