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A TV critic for entertainmentfuse.com with a passion for network and cable TV, I have been writing about TV for more than 20 years. I teach English and Journalism/Media studies to high school students and community college students in the Boston area. I'm a crazed sports fan of the Cubs, Red Sox, Patriots, Bears, and Illinois Fighting Illini. This month's funny claim to fame: Once Googled myself and saw college student in NC used me as a source and called me a "Reality Television Theorist"... like all day I would sit in a room and ponder the great life mysteries of reality TV. If only I could. 🙂

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Fall Network TV Preview: DRAMAS

If only predicting fall TV hits could be as simple as predicting Super Bowls. (We all know the Patriots will be there for a fourth straight year. It’s just the way of the world.) TV is always murkier. Good shows are few and far between these days. Network pilots (or when those aren’t available, the […]

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BH90210 Pilot Review (Warning-Spoilers!)

They always say coaches are harder on athletes they favor–the athletes that show potential to truly be a star and need that extra push. If that’s the case, I fear I have to be extra hard on BH90210, since I was a die-hard fan of the original. The good news is it has potential because […]

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Forget Shark Week, It’s Space Week

To a generation more attuned to the idea of “To Infinity and Beyond” than “That’s One Small Step…,” there’s a chance to catch up on space history this week. If viewers want to see the importance of what happened 50 years ago, they can find the NASA Channel and tune in to some out-of-this-world coverage. […]

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Press Your Luck Review

The Whammies are back. After 760 episodes of Press Your Luck in the 1980s, the love them or hate them red creatures with high-pitched muppet-like voices return to wipe away players’ cash and prizes (and possibly your own sanity as a TV viewer) in ABC’s delightfully irritating revival of Press Your Luck. Much like The […]

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The Twilight Zone Review (Spoiler Free)

“There’s no murder if there’s no crying, mom,” a witty character who has created an unethical dilemma opines near the end of the pilot episode of The Twilight Zone. It is a too-rare example of what The Twilight Zone has always done—whether it was the original show or this latest (3rd remake or 4th series)—when […]

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