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Black Sails – XXII Review

So this week’s episode of Black Sails was definitely a little bit faster paced, but not by much. The crew of the Walrus has now been captured by a colony of former slaves on an island in the middle of nowhere, and Charles Vane has to get off the island of Nassau because England put […]

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Black Sails – XXI Review

So it was bound to happen. After a solid start to this season of Black Sails, there had to be one episode just chock full of story progression. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good episode, it was just a lot slower than the first few and at one point had me pausing it […]

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Archie comes to the CW

Hot on the heels of a brand new comic book spin-off, the CW has announced that the gang from Riverdale over in Archie comics will be heading to TV in an all new live-action series. Super-producer Greg Berlanti (Arrow, Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) has reportedly been given free reign with the series, which will be based […]

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Black Sails – XX Review

So I’m not huge on nautical movies. I’m not a huge fan of even being on a boat but with Black Sails, I love the action of the high seas, as it is full of historical elements, all of which are handled amazingly well. This episode was a great follow up to the season premiere, […]

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Green Arrow Headed to Legends of Tomorrow

My name is Oliver Queen, and I’m headed for the future.  Stephen Amell is destined to appear on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but when he does, the Green Arrow will be looking a little worse for the wear. In a throwback to the Frank Miller classic The Dark Knight Returns, comic-book fans will recognize Oliver […]

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