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Witchblade #1 Review

 Witchblade for a new age Witchblade is back with an all new feminist creative team. I enjoyed the original Witchblade, but I honestly didn’t stick with it very much. Witchblade #1 serves as a reboot with a brand new heroine, Alex Underwood, taking up the titular mantle. Alex is nuanced character with deep emotional trauma […]

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Hack/Slash Resurrection #1 Review

Resurrected at last First and foremost I never read the original Hack/Slash series by Tim Seeley. My first exposure to Hack/Slash was in a one-shot issue of Nailbiter which I recall greatly enjoying. Hack/Slash is a series that intrigued me and I will definitely read it some day. Much to my surprise came a soft […]

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Vampirella #7 Review

Vampirella #7 marks a change in artistic team and direction for the narrative. Paul Cornell hands over writing duties to Jeremy Whitely. And Jimmy Broxton passes the pencils to Andy Belanger. If you have been keeping up with the series then you should know that Vampirella has been on a weird adventure. Heaven and Hell […]

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The Black Sable #2 Review

Black Sable is Back! Black Sable #2 picks up right after the last issue. Our titular hero has enlisted the help of an old flame named Blake in order to rake in a big score of Korvarian fuel cells. All the characters introduced in the last issue continue to be present. The corporation is still […]

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The Black Sable #1 Review

Setting The Black Sable is written by Joe Brusha, artwork is by Sergio Ariño and colors are done by Dijjo Lima. Zenescope is known for its take on the fairytale genre but they have decided to try something new. Zenescope has shown that they can tackle different genres in other titles. In The Courier they tried […]

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