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Alpha Review

Alpha is a straightforward, beautiful story of survival and friendship between a young hunter and a wolf. It’d be extremely predictable even if the marketing didn’t give everything away, but there is just enough heart to go with the wonderful cinematography to make this worth a trip to the cinema. 20,000 years ago, Keda (Kodi […]

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Masters of Cinema Review: King of Hearts (1966)

Philippe de Broca’s anti-war comedy King of Hearts is being released for the first time in the UK in a dual-format edition as part of Eureka’s The Masters of Cinema collection. Unfortunately, while the 4K restoration makes the glorious costumes and lovely cinematography really pop, it can’t make the rest of the movie interesting or […]

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Hotel Artemis Review

  Hotel Artemis has a hell of a premise – a hotel/hospital exclusively for criminals in a dystopian near future – and a fantastic cast to go with it. It’s a fun, energetic and creative crime thriller that falls just short of greatness. Think of it as a really good movie that’s one or two […]

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Skyscraper Review

Skyscraper is a decent, unremarkable action movie with a handful of cool moments that are dragged down by bare-bones character work and a dry script. Dwayne Johnson stars as former FBI agent and amputee Will Sawyer who is hired to assess the security of the tallest building in the world – a skyscraper called The […]

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Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado Review

The Sicario sequel (Day of the Soldado, or just Soldado depending on where you live) dials back on the original’s complex, dark morality play and opts for a more traditional, if brutal action thriller. It opens strong and boasts some gorgeous visuals, but it’s missing the human element that was at the core of the […]

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