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Arrow – Fallout Review

For an episode that follows up the cliffhanger from the end of the excellent fifth season, “Fallout” struggled to explain why leaving its audience on edge was the right choice to make. Arrow is now in its sixth season and the need for a major shake up is an all time high. Now would have […]

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Arrow – Lian Yu Review

From our first look at Prometheus in the Season 5 premiere to the explosive finale on the island, Arrow has regained its footing and once again reigns supreme in the Arrowverse. Every aspect of the show has returned to form. The story beats, the characters, the emotion, the fight choreography, it was all there, and […]

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Arrow – Missing Review

Arrow has always been great at setting up their finales with a penultimate episode that raises the stakes and puts characters exactly where they need to be. “Missing” was no different. This episode served as a reminder of everything we’ve been through this season. It gave us a chance to settle into a small zone […]

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Arrow – Honor Thy Fathers Review

Season 5 has been a refreshing turn for Arrow, so much so that an episode like “Honor Thy Fathers” is still great among bigger highlights this year. Without a doubt, this big turnaround is due largely to Prometheus, the awesome villain played by the talented Josh Segarra. This week that story came back to the forefront. […]

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Arrow – Underneath Review

It’s always a risk when an episode takes a break from the main story to focus on a side plot that’s been sitting in the background, especially so close to the end of the season. “Underneath” takes this risky approach with mixed results. We certainly didn’t need an episode focused entirely on Oliver and Felicity’s […]

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