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Quakecon 2016: New Quake Champions and Prey Trailers

"Rocket Jumping! The Classic Railgun! Also new gameplay for the Prey reboot."
Quakecon over at Texas is on full swing and Bethesda delivers on their promise from E3. The publisher behind ID Software and Arkane had new footage for Quake Champions and Prey. Let's start off with the return of what ID still claims, the granddaddy of e-sports below. Quake Champions was one of the biggest surprise E3 announcements with a return to the classic FPS roots. We finally see a gameplay trailer above that features what makes Quake the shooter it was in the late 90s. Rocket jumping? Check. Fast and furious fragging? Check. Iconic weapons such as the railgun? Check as well. The class-based characters however still need more to be talked about, but maybe fans get a taste of that in a closed doors demo. Quake Champions goes into beta in 2017. The other big game shown off at Quakecon is the Prey reboot by Arkane Studios. This new Prey in case you missed it at E3 is about a guy named Morgan. You randomly awaken in the Talos 1 space station and figure out what happened to the crew after an alien attack. Along the way, Morgan's past also gets unraveled in terms of he got into Talos 1 in the first place. The game is running on the latest CryEngine and Doom/former Killer Instinct composer Mick Gordon is at the helm for it's soundtrack. Mick is one of the best composers in the gaming business today and glad to see him back at it again. Prey is still slated for a 2017 release on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Which of these big Bethesda games have you excited the most right now after these new trailers? Let us know what struck out the most on the comments below.  


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