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Recap of Sony’s Paris Games Week 2015 Press Conference

"Sony nous montre l'avenir et Detroit"
Sony returned to the stage this week at the 2015 Paris Games Week event. And their press conference was filled with new games, trailers and news. Here is a recap of all the cool and exciting things Sony announced.

PS4 Exclusives

One of Sony's biggest problems with the PS4 has been a lack of big, AAA exclusive games. Microsoft seems to be releasing more of these games every year, while Sony just isn't. But at the Paris Games Week conference Sony showed off some new and upcoming exclusive PS4 games.

We got to see some Uncharted 4 multiplayer, which seems to be adding some supernatural elements into the mix. Those who purchased the Nathan Drake Collection will have access to the beta starting on December 4th.

Sony showed off some new footage of Horizon: Zero Dawn, the latest game from Killzone developers Guerrilla Games. When we first saw this game at E3 it looked great and getting to see more of it has me excited to play it next year in 2016.

Michel Ancel revealed the first gameplay for his upcoming PS4 exclusive, Wild. Stop me if you heard this before, but it is an open world game set in a more "primal" and "tribal" time period. I'm being a bit of jerk, the game actually looks cool. But seriously between Horizon: Zero Dawn, this and Far Cry Primal it seems primitive tribal based open world games are the new hotness.

Playstation VR

Sony showed off some new games coming to their VR platform. We still don't know the release date for the Playstation VR headset or the price point, but now we know that Sony has a decent number of games lined up for it. Games from horror, shooters, and even a fighting game.

Until Dawn:Rush of Blood is described as a "roller coaster ride, a shooter experience, and the descent into madness of one of (Until Dawn's) characters." It's not clear if this is a standalone DLC, a small demo type thing or a what, but it could be cool. Until Dawn was a surprise hit for many this year and more Until Dawn stuff is cool.

A new Gran Turismo was announced, Gran Turismo Sport. And it will work with Playstation VR. Not much is known about this new Gran Turismo, but Sony has confirmed it isn't Gran Turismo 7. But it is more substantial than the previous Prologue entries in the series. What does this mean? What is Sport? We don't really know yet, but expect cars and driving. If you want to play the game sooner there will be a beta early next year.

Crytek announced a new game that is coming first to Playstation VR. Robinson: The Journey. We only saw a little bit, and Crytek says what we saw isn't actual gameplay. So who knows what this will end up being. You can expect dinosaurs though.

New Games Announced

Some other new titles were announced at the conference. HouseMarque, developers of Resogun, announced a new game called Matterfall.

And Quantic Dream, developers of Heavy Rain and Beyond:Two Souls, announced a new game set in the future called Detroit.

No Man's Sky

One of the bigger rumors going around the internet was that No Man's Sky was going to get a release date and that it could be super soon. In fact the rumors seemed to point to a release the week of the conference. But sadly, that was just a rumor. Instead No Man's Sky is coming out June 2016. No specific day was given, but I'm guessing near E3? They also released a new gameplay video of No Man's Sky, which you can watch above.
The Sony conference was filled with trailers and game announcements. Playstation VR looks cool, but we need to know more. What will it cost? When will it ship? No Man's Sky not being released until June 2016 was a bit of a disappointment, but at least we have a release window. I also really like Horizon: Zero Dawn. The more I see of that game the more I want to play it, it looks really interesting.
A good press conference that finally started to show that Sony has big exclusives coming, even if it won't be till next year.


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