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Remedy Making Next Gen Game

While it's not a surprise another developer is already hard at work on a title slated for the next wave of consoles it's nice to get confirmation of which studios are so we can all start wondering.

Remedy; developers of Alan Wake are currently looking to hire 20 new employees to help them create their next big game which is going to release on the follow-ups to PS3 and 360.  They specifically state to be in search of "world class talent" so without a doubt this project of theirs will be big and given Alan Wake in many ways sought to redefine the survival horror genre and tell a more complex and mature story than is usually the case in games we can hope to see something similar to this coming from them next.  While I'm not terribly interested in seeing another Alan Wake myself even though it’s probably what they are making it would sure be cool to see another atmospheric title from them that doesn't try to be just an action title as I'll always be a long-time fan of games that try to be more of an experience than simply another kill fest of player empowerment.  Who knows maybe the somewhat dead survival horror genre will be revived next generation with gaming getting as big and diverse as it is, that sure would be awesome.


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