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Resident Evil 6 Revealed and Dated

After what feels like way too long Capcom has finally not only confirmed Resident Evil 6 but even released the first full length trailer along with a release date.

Slated for November 20th this year, Resident Evil 6 appears to be a return to suburban close quarters Resident Evil gameplay.  The primary local this time is a sprawling town with winding streets where we’ll get to play as Leon, Chris and Jill.  While no details have been talked about yet the standard enemies featured in the brief gameplay footage appear to be quite different to those of Resident Evil’s 4 and 5, perhaps even being the more traditional slow paced zombies.   Naturally we also get glimpses of the many weird and crazy other types of enemies we’ll encounter and what looks to be overall a much more intense and action packed entry in the series than ever before.  Given that Capcom hasn’t made a proper survival horror game since Resident Evil 3 I’m not bothered by this more shooter-style approach they appear to be going for  as I’d much rather have a well-made game that focusses on one type of gameplay than one which tries to be both and ends up a bit mediocre because of it, as was the case with the last title in my opinion.  Regardless of how you feel about the reveal no doubt many fans of the long running series are very excited to see what the latest entry is all about and come November we'll hopefully get to find out.  


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