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Retailer lists God of War 4

Everyone knows that another God of War is probably on the way and once again there is evidence that we could be seeing the sequel to 2010s Greek-god murder fest early next year.

BT Games, a retailer within South Africa lists God of War 4 with an estimated February 2013 release.  While it’s perfectly normal for any retailer to list a product well ahead of release, whether or not they actually do so is generally a sign of if the game actually exists.  Retailers typically want to get pre-orders started as soon as possible so this could simply be an overzealous company getting ahead of itself, but on the other hand it will be no surprise at all if we hear or see a God of War 4 at this year’s E3.

Earlier this year music composer Timothy Williams also stated he was working on the soundtrack for the game so it’s safe to say it is a badly kept secret at this point.  It has always puzzled me why game companies refuse to announce things officially until a very specific point in time, unlike other entertainment industries which are all too happy to say upfront what is and isn't going on with future releases.  Being a massive God of War fan myself I'm certainly very excited to see where the series is head, especially after the way the last game ended.


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