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Retro City Rampage Set For October 9 Release on PSN

After years of waiting, Vblank Entertainment's Retro City Rampage finally has a release date of October 9 for both Playstation Network and Vita. This highly anticipated downloadable title will get Cross Buy support, which means you only have to buy it once on Playstation Network and Vita. Additionally, it has Cross Save functionality as you can continue your game on the go with the Vita version from the PS3 and vice versa. As soon as it passes certification on PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and WiiWare, the release dates for those versions will be announced.

Retro City Rampage brings things back to the 8-bit era as the game plays similar to the first two Grand Theft Auto games. It is also a homage to other classic 8-bit games as elements from popular games of that era such as Super Mario Bros, Contra, and River City Ransom, will likely to be included too. The trailer showcases some of those elements as you might see some other familiar callbacks that weren't mentioned here. Retro City Rampage for both Playstation Network and Vita comes out on October 9 for $15.


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