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Ridge Racer Unbounded Pushed Back

One of the few racing games I've been looking forward to this year; Ridge Racer Unbounded has been pushed back to an unspecified date.

Publisher Namco Bandai has stated that the game needed to have more features included along with its already quite large list of modes and content but safe to assume said content will be getting another round of polish as well as it's never bad for any game to be iterated on some more, unless you end up with a Duke Nukem Forever situation of course. What is presumably a few months more time past the initial March release window is hardly anything unusual.  BugBear games are the first studio to tackle the Ridge Racer series outside of the original Namco internal team in Japan so it is going to be an interesting game for either fans or newcomers for sure.  As someone who has really enjoyed both past Ridge Racers and BugBear's own FlatOut series I'm very excited to see how it turns out as early footage shows it’s already looking really cool.


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